International Logistics

International Freight Forwarder offering one-stop-logistics services for various industry verticals.
Leads International Logistics is committed to assisting manufacturers and brands to streamline and improve their logistics operations by delivering high quality customer service.

Our existing infrastructure makes us one of the largest one-stop logistics service providers that is capable of serving various industry verticals.

Backed by a team of logistics experts, we provide best-in-class logistics services to support our customers and assist them in gaining the upper hand in the competitive business world by streamlining their logistics needs and requirements.


Uncompromising commitment to Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, Creativity and Respect.


To be regarded and recognized as THE BEST in logistics services supported by world-class customer service.


To design, create and deliver integrated, highly flexible, cost effective and best-in-class logistics solutions.

Cutting Edge Supply Chain Suite

Our Supply Chain Suite is effectively integrated and highly scalable with easy-to-use supply chain modules consisting of Container Freight Station, Trading Partner, Warehousing, Distribution, Customer Relationship Management, Transportation and Freight Management.

With this, we provide real-time visibility of our operations to our valued customers by integrating all the core logistics, fulfillment centres and warehouse management functions. As a result, customer supply chains and warehouse processes are fully optimized for consistent and flawless order fulfillment and maximum customer satisfaction.

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